Thursday, October 01, 2009

Photo Processing

I really enjoy taking and working on photos. Slowly over the years I have learned Adobe Photoshop almost inside and out. In the process I felt like cause I knew so much I knew so little in turn. A running joke about Adobe Photoshop is there are 100 ways to do the exact same thing, so over time I've learned various techniques (workflows) in my processing. This morning I was working on a photo of J & M's wedding (I didn't take the photo). I felt like I had come to a good place with it, and looking back I realized I had created my own very quick work flow system. I wanted to remember this system, so I created a video of it. Most of the mumbo jumbo at the bottom of the video most pople won't understand, but the photo does come a long ways from SOOC (straight out of camera) to the final product. And so I share the video...

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