Friday, October 02, 2009

To The Mountains While We Can

Last Sunday we took advantage of the fact that Life Group was canceled and headed out to the mountains after church. The weather was so clear and the colours of the leaves and sky so gorgeous, it was an afternoon meant for hiking. Since we'd never done any hiking in the Bragg Creek area before, we decided to head out that direction and find somewhere to hike. It's not as far into the mountains as we would normally if we were hiking Three Sisters or Bourgeau, for instance, but it was far enough. The hike up Moose Mountain was quite reminiscent of the Coliseum hike out by Nordegg. You make a left hand curve as you hike through the trees and then out and along a ridge for several kilometres. Then up a steep steep incline to the top. At the top of Moose Mountain lies a fire look out station complete with a helicopter landing pad, a mailbox, a clothesline and an outhouse with a view. And a very friendly hospitable fire lookouter. We had lunch on the helicopter landing pad, enjoying the 180 degree view. It was absolutely beautiful in the late afternoon light.The way down was mighty chilly. We could see our breath for most of the journey. I put on every layer I had brought with me and I still lost feeling in all of my fingers. But it was SO worth it. We got down into Bragg Creek at around seven thirty and stopped for some high salt, high calorie snacks for the journey home. A day well spent!

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