Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Olympic Pride

Twenty-two years ago, the Winter Olympics were hosted by our city.
This was the last time they were held in Canada. With the 2010 Olympics going on in Vancouver right now,
we thought we'd offer a few snapshots from the past.
Whereas the slogan for the 2010 Olympics is "I believe,"
in 1988 it was "Share the flame" --hence the little candles.
We're absolutely enjoying all the coverage,
though perhaps we get a little too caught up, glued to the television.
Oh--and in case you were wondering,
that's B and his older brother E in the first picture, and the boys with their mom in the second one.


Peter and Lorraine said...

What cutie pies eh?

Boomka said...

It's funny looking at these pictures and then realizing those hats are back in style! The olympians are wearing ones just like them. Amazing right, stay on the merry go round long enough and you'll see the same stuff again.

CDR said...
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