Thursday, February 11, 2010


I was reading through my Google reader this morning and came across this post.  Rather random blogger I read, but they had a good point.  Here is what they said: "I DARE YOU to watch this video and not want to change your life and start doing something you love IMMEDIATELY".

Now I will admit, this video does make me want to fulfill the inner traveler in me.  Maybe not entirely change my life, but certainly do some more traveling on our continent.  It also kind of makes me want to grow my hair out real long and be a traveling troubadour. 

The video reminds me of Dutton, Montana and our trip we took down there two summers ago.  Oh, such good memories of that place now.  Even though this video was shot in Texas they look quite similar, funny because they are 1687 miles apart.

And now in the words of another great go-get-er blogger, GO! 

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molly. said...

i have pictures of my dad, looking exactly like the guy who was wearing the red trucker hat :)