Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So, How About It

It officially crunch time!  We're now racing the clock to get things set for our renovation extravaganza.  We plan on over hauling our newly bought house over the months of summer this year.  So you'll be seeing a lot in the ways of that over the next 6 months, as we won't have time for a lot of other things.  Here is a conceptual idea of what we'd like the front to look like once we're done.


The Olson's said...

It's super cute! Great colours... love the front patio. Can't wait to actually see this house.

blueberry hill said...

So lovely!! Hope all is well with all 3 of you - exciting times! I'm guessing your news means a UK trip is on hold then?!
Annie x

Kirstin said...

Hi Annie!

Trip to the UK is still in the 3-5 year plan and we think about it often!

Hope you three are well too. Just heading over to read your blog update. :)