Thursday, August 26, 2010

Address From The Chair

It's time for another Fireside Chat.
We all enjoy a good belly laugh now and again. It keeps us from taking ourselves too seriously.
But there are also moments where a degree of seriousness is required. 
Especially when discussing deep subjects like 
proper posture in carriers and strollers and purple-coloured seats, 
timing of vaccinations, and the quality of cotton used in diapers.

It's all very exhausting, really.
But we're getting through, my parents and I, one topic at a time.


The Olson's said...

SO, SO adorable! She is precious!

Eric said...

I hear that it is very important to consider the posture of one in purple chairs, especially purple chairs. How the blue and red chairs seemed to avoid such issues is probably fodder for a good debate.

Love - Uncle E.

Anonymous said...
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