Thursday, September 30, 2010

Polaroids, Baby Wearing and Walks

Sunday evening we went for a walk in a beautiful park close to our town. I was afraid we weren't going to find anything to replace our beloved Nose Hill Park. But while J.J. Collett requires a car ride to reach, rather than just a walk, it's a beautiful natural area and we're glad for the 635 acres of wilderness.

We thought we'd share a few pictures of our walk in the dying daylight.
The fall colours make it all especially beautiful.
And, on a related note, we'd like to give a product endorsement to the Beco Carrier (we've got the Butterfly 2 model). This little device has been a great great aid in the months since we've been living here and I've been carless.
E and the Beco and I go all kinds of places...
for daily walks,
for grocery trips,
to look at paint samples
to the Farmers' Market...
and many other places!

E weighs over 15 pounds now and I barely feel her added bulk because the carrier distributes it so well over my shoulders and hips. Plus, it keeps us nice and cozy close so we can chat and cuddle and share the world together.
And, finally, not a product endorsement but rather a product wish-we-could-try-it-and-see-if-it's-worth-endorsing! We love the look of the polaroid picture (all the photos in this post are Photo Shop finished to look like Polaroids) and there's now a new version of the now-defunct Polaroid on the market--for only sixty-ish dollars! Might be fun to play around with, no?

Not to mention I  just like the funny feeling I get from the pictures that we're suddenly transported back to the seventies...I like the seventies. :D

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Simply beautiful, friend.