Wednesday, August 16, 2006

First post on Backpacking trip '06

Last weekend Brent and I went on our much-anticipated backpacking trip of the summer. We hiked 48 Km over the course of four days, over two passes and through some beautiful beautiful scenery. I'm going to blog about each day individually rather than trying to fit it all in one blog. We drove out Thursday night and slept in the back of the truck at the Jonas Creek campground.

It rained all night and was raining Friday morning when we got up. We packed up all of our stuff in the cookshack at the campground and drove down the road to the trailhead.

The bridge was washed out so we had to park and walk across the hwy bridge to the warden station and start the hike from there. It rained ALL DAY.

We got to our first campsite, Avalanche is what it's called, around three and quickly set up our tent and crawled inside.

We took a nap to warm up--both of us were very very wet--including our feet through our freshly waterproofed (or so we thought) boots. When we woke up the rain had slowed considerably so we went out and made supper. When we were just finished eating and packing everything back up, three guys arrived. They had hiked up behind us but it hadn't rained while they were hiking and they were in much better spirits than we had been when we arrived. We headed to bed early because I was still absolutely freezing.

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