Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Three new (to us) albums

Brent and I have bought three cds as of late:

This one is due to the influence of my dad, who is a huge John Prine fan and has seen him in concert several times. It's our first Prine album, from 1973 and has some songs that we knew already (Dear Abbey) and some that we didn't know (Often is a Word I Seldom Use).

This is Dougie Maclean's latest album. He's been around for a long time. Probably one of the first big Celtic music names. He's got a beautiful gentle singing voice. This new album is no disappointment.

Joni Mitchell's 1971 Blue is classic. It's fabulous. River, California, beautiful songs. This cd reminds me of my younger brother Theo. If you want to know why, ask me in person. ;) I've been yearning for some Joni for a long time. She just fits me when I'm in a certain mood.

We actually bought another cd recently (I know, this is getting excessive) at the reccomendation of my good friend Jim, but this is enough cding for today.

--Female 1/2

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