Friday, November 21, 2008

Change of Plans

This morning did not go as planned. Instead of getting up, doing an hour of yoga, then the dishes and then straight to work by eight as Kirstin-the-scheduler had outlined, the morning was co-opted for PD time (perhaps to honour Shannon's PD daying?). Yoga was done, can check that off the list, but the dishes, laundry, cookie-making and school work (work? what's that?) are temporarily delayed. Brent made the coffee this morning while I was in the shower, so I could pour coffee and milk and sit down and start learning this Photoshop. For a while now, I've wanted to learn Photoshop, but I'm not the most patient of persons and learn best by doing. So with the most patient of husbands aiding me along the way, I have spent the morning attempting a photoshop project. I was inspired by Lovelife to describe good things in my life. And so photoshop attempt number one is a portrayal of this. (Thank you, dear husband, for helping me out!)

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