Monday, November 03, 2008

Today's song

I don't care how messed up their personal lives are at present, they make lovely music. For You lyrics I have set aside everything I love I have saved everything else for you I cannot decide what this doubt's made of Though I thought over it through and through In a book in a box high upon a shelf In a locked and guarded vault Are the things I keep only for myself It's your fate but it's not your fault [CHORUS:] And for every useless reason I know There's a reason not to care If I hide myself wherever I go Am I ever really there? There is nowhere else I would rather be, but I can't just be right here An enigma wrapped in a mystery, or a fool consumed by fear [CHORUS] I will give you all I could ever give Though it's less than you will need Could you just forget, if you can't forgive All the things I cannot concede [CHORUS]

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Mor said...

Pithy thoughts; good lyrics. Thanks for bringing them to the front.