Monday, November 03, 2008


I'm really torn about all the American election hype that's going on right now. It is monumental, possibly course-of-history-changing, but is it really THAT important? As Canadians, shouldn't we care more about our own government than the American one? Yet, as this CBC article explains, a record low number of Canadians voted in the federal election on October 14th (for the record, we both voted--and we were out of the country on election day, for goodness' sake). If so few people care about who is running our country, why don't we go back to an absolutist monarchy or dictator who can make decisions on our behalf. Apparently, that's what Canadians want. And yet of course we all care about who the Americans vote for. The States are our big and powerful next-door neighbour and important trading partner and we ought to be interested in how our relationship is going to change for the next eight years. But to prioritize it OVER our own government?? That seems counter-intuitive, ignorant, and thoroughly detrimental to the Canadian political climate. It almost seems like we watch the American election the same way we pay attention to celebrity gossip or slow down to look at a car crash. Because the media has made it THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE IN THE NEWS we cannot but senselessly stare at it. So, in a moment of rantful frustration, I say if you, reader, are paying more attention to the American election than you did to our own, shame on you. [/rant]


P&L Bouwsema said...

We haven't been - except when thrust in our face on the National News in the late evening. I for one will be glad when it is over so I don't HAVE TO listen to it constantly! Rant on!! And we did vote as usual!

The Olson's said...

We couldn't agree more!! It's all we heard in Korea (they even had an Obama cut out outside of the local Starbucks). Since we've been traveling it's all that we hear on the streets, locals and tourists alike. CNN won't shut up about and all the local newspapers, no matter the country, language, or political situation, front page it. I'M SO GLAD THAT IT IS FINISHED!!!