Friday, November 21, 2008

For the sake of Goodness

As I posted before recently, even when money is slightly more scarce (not scarce at all compared to other countries!), and the whole financial world is in turmoil, we need to have an eternal perspective. But as I was also reminded of by one of my all-time favourite bloggers, there is much goodness in this world to appreciate too. 1) Coffee. My brothers and I were all raised by my mum to appreciate a good cup of coffee. Only since our trip to DK did I realize just how much of that is from her Danish heritage. They drink STRONG coffee in Denmark, and they're so tough that it's common to drink coffee right before bed! And none of that decaf stuff, either. I like my coffee freshly ground, STRONG and topped up with an ample amount of hot milk. I'm such a coffee snoot that my favourite coffee own. Well, my mum's and Cat's are equally acceptable, but not even Starbucks can beat mine. Pretentious about my coffee, yup that's me. More specifically, we found a new kind of coffee on our last trip to Co-op: We've tried Kicking Horse, and it's pretty good but at times a bit bitter, and we've also tried Salt Spring Island coffee (sister-in-law B's favourite), which is very tasty but expensive, and now here is a Calgary coffee, and it's great and cheaper than either of the other two! So #1 is coffee. Not because it's the most important, but because it comes earliest in the day! #2 is for CBC Radio 2, of course. And the goodness of music generally. Because we've gotten sick and tired of CKUA as of late--especially the morning announcer--and have discovered the quirky morning fun of Tom Allen on Radio 2. We're a little over his love for Sarah Harmer and Great Big Sea, but we appreciate his musical trivia and segways and all the fun singer-songwriter tunes. #3 Is for lovely zip-up sweatshirts with thumbholes, in the colour blue, which is my favourite. This one is on my Christmas list from MEC. Hurray for the goodness of being zipped-up warm when it's chilly and windy and snowy out! #4 Sarah Susanka's The Not-So-Big House. Jan showed Brent this book while we were in Denmark. It's exactly what Brent's interested in designing and has lots of neat ideas for the kind of house we'd like to own someday. The kind of house where everything has its place; space is not wasted; and quality takes precedence over quantity. Good is practicality, interesting housing design and inspiration for Brent! #5 Again a reference to the goodness of music. This is on my dream wish list for the distant MP3 player that will store songs but also play the radio (so I can listen to CBC Radio 2!). Not so important when I'm home thesis-writing, but good for research trips and commuting next year, because I'm addicted to music and can't live without a goodly daily dose of it. ;) #6 Creativity and colour and lovely material. This Matryoshka doll is handmade by Little Red Caboose. It looks so friendly and soft and inspires me to start sewing. And it is just one example of the numerous beautiful hand-made things Ella makes. #7 Again the goodness of colour and creativity. This is a painting I love...done by Lovelife! I love the soft blue tones in this specific painting and in much of Kal Barteski's work, and how she often combines words and art to make poem-pictures. Beautiful. #8 I love knitting for its rhythm and consistency and, well, because it is another creative outlet. In my old age (ha) I'm realizing how much I appreciate structure and regularity (as long as it is ME who is enforcing it!). #9 is for Because my dear male 1/2 is incredibly talented at photography and, out of the goodness of his heart, took the time to help me start figuring out Photoshop! #10 is for Garrison Keillor, for words and for poetry, which you may have noticed, is a subject near and dear to my heart lately. The beauty of poetry lies in its ability to express an idea or emotion or scene concisely but descriptive enough for readers to understand. (Concise unlike my long-winded blathering!) And the little mischievious Christmas nissers? Not only are they friendly little fellows, but they remind me of the coming Christmas season, which is a time of "Good tidings and great joy, which shall be for all people!"

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I LOVE your new picture on the banner!!! It works so well! An evolution, if you will.