Thursday, November 04, 2010

Carrying on with the Wandering

Onward we go, even without our beloved camera. It may sound petty, but you have to understand how much photography is a part of our daily lives.

A whirlwind explanation of our Martha's Vineyard day.
The Vineyard: where Harrison Ford tries to win over Sabrina; where whaling ship captains used to live; where rich people have second homes.

We spent the day on foot and on public transit. We took the ferry across; walked through Vineyard Haven; took a bus to Edgartown and wandered through town and across the beach; and then back again.

We shopped in two bookstores, ate clams, mussels and lobster, explained why we weren't voting, and, of course, broke our camera.
More cheerily, today was fun and slower-paced. After purchasing a small cheap[ish] camera,
we did a little shopping in Falmouth, 
had a picnic lunch on a top-secret-locally-known-only[except us] harbour location 
(how we found out about it is a wonderful story which I'll tell you all about, some other time)

and went for a long walk in the deep leaf-carpeted forest of Beebe Woods.

It was a day on foot outside and of hand-holding and baby-loving.
The best kind of day there is.

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