Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The No Good Awful Camera Day

It started out with a left-open zipper, out of which fell two 8 gig SD cards.
But these we recovered, after tracing our steps backwards.

And then, while photographing a particularly beautiful lighthouse,
we discovered both batteries were dead.
But we walked to a public library and charged the battery for a few minutes while browsing through some books.

But then, while getting off the bus, we dropped the camera directly onto pavement, causing a huge dent in the body and a shutter problem that we think is not fixable.
In other words, we are now without our beautiful and steadfast Canon SLR, and if you know B, you know just how serious a loss this is.
And we're just not sure what the best course of action is, at this point.


Eric said...

Argh, that's frustrating about the camera, sorry to hear it. Hopefully repair will be possible. (Not the way you wanted to get a new body!)


Peter and Lorraine said...

Oh no! Try to get it fixed though. You never know! Praying you can figure something out.

boshi said...
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Middle Earth Garden said...

How tragic!