Thursday, November 04, 2010

Just Ducky: Boston in the Rain

Today was a soggy day. A day for the ducks indeed.
There is a famous children's book set in the Boston Common called Make Way For Ducklings.
I've not read it, but we're going to buy it at some point, so I'll report back.

 At any rate, we've driven back to Boston, dropped off the car, found our hotel and went for a very very soggy walk in the Boston Common. Upon which walk we came across several ducks, bronzed and real.

And then E and B had a chat about the pros and cons of flowered pyjamas.


molly. said...

yay for feet pictures :)
and e looks like she has grown too much... you better bring her home before she changes any more!

Eric said...

It looks as though E is actually considering why Dad won't let her have the cellphone to chew on?

Peter and Lorraine said...

We look forward to hearing about your trip!