Monday, November 01, 2010

Up the Cape

Today we took a long drive up the long finger of the Cape Cod peninsula. It was a beautiful drive with lots to see but we all got very tired of driving (E especially) by the end. 
First we went here:
(the Hot Chocolate Sparrow, where the hot chocolate had the perfect sugar/cocoa/milk ratio)
And then we checked out a lighthouse but it was locked up for the winter.

Then we drove up and up the peninsula and went for a walk along the beach. 
It was very chilly, so we moved on again.

Then we found a tall, tall tower and climbed to the top.
 116 steps up.
 At which point, it was definitely time for lunch, at least for little E!

And then all the way home.

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Peter and Lorraine said...

Sure do miss you guys!