Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I would, in fact

I would, in fact, like to be better about posting regularly.
I would, in fact, like to finish the pair of socks I'm knitting. 
Just the tying off to go on sock #1.
I would, in fact, like my camera back. 
Those silly Canon guys didn't fix it properly, and now I am DSLR-less again.
I would, in fact, like to start working on a tan on my pasty legs. 
As soon as Elspeth wakes up, we're going OUTSIDE.
I would, in fact, like to get some seeds started. 
I just need some more soil. 
Why, you ask, has it been so long since I posted last? Part of the answer stems from the darkness/clouds/snow we had for a week and a half.
My brain shut down. Seasonal Affective Depression is no fun at all.

The lack of camera is a bit of a downer too.

But the sun is SHINING.
I have rubber boots for all my splashing needs.
E's room is done.
And I'm going to start planting seeds tomorrow.

OH: If you come to visit, bring your rubber boots.
You'll need them to get from the sidewalk to the front door.
And I'll knit you a pair of socks if you come wearing rubber boots with smiley faces on the bottom.

1 comment:

Peter and Lorraine said...

I don't have smiley faced rubber boots, but I sure love trading what rubber boots I do have for those nasty heavy winter ones! Enjoy your puddle splashing! :)