Monday, April 18, 2011

Palm Sunday

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, marking the triumphant entry of Christ into Jerusalem before his crucifixion. It is a day of celebration of God's power and glory. As one writer explains, it is a day on which we should "sing with exuberance and wince with foreboding." Interestingly, "Hosanna" the phrase used by the many people celebrating Christ's arrival in Jerusalem, means "Save, I pray."

We went to a Baptist church yesterday where the fact that it was Palm Sunday was mentioned only once--in passing during the beginning worship. No songs celebrating this; no sermon explaining it; no liturgy acknowledging it. This frustrates me. Even if secular society doesn't understand the importance of Easter, churches should. We build up Christmas to huge heights, anticipating it, building worship services around it weeks in advance. But the Sunday before THE most important event in Christian liturgy goes more or less unnoticed? This is the day on which Christ knowingly walked towards his death--for our sake.

May we acknowledge Christ's suffering and triumph in our hearts this week.

Hosanna, Christ Jesus our Savior.

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