Thursday, August 20, 2009

Let the Adventure Commence

Sew, I have a new soing machine. Er. So, I have a new sewing machine. Dear Grandma Marci, and any others (ie Mom B) interested in my new challenge, Here is the machine I have purchased. I'm hoping it's going to last the rest of my life. To everyone else reading, I am embarking on an adventure of sewing. I wish to quilt. Step #1, buy a machine. I've been wanting to do this for a while, but didn't have time whilst finishing my thesis. I started looking into machines a year ago and was talking to an expert quilter in Montana who just happens to be M's Grandma. On Saturday last, after much hemming (pun not intented) and hawing, I purchased a Pfaff machine, last year's model. Sunday night, with some help (thanks you two!) I set it up and figured out how to thread it and sew some stitches. It's an Expression 2028. Quality brand, 68 stitches and an upper presser foot system patented under the name "IDT" (Integrated Dual Feed). Oh, and the bobbin fits in under the arm, apparently like an industrial machine. Automatic button-hole stitch. And I'm sure there are other unique features, but I have yet to discover them. Step #2, other supplies. I have quality sewing scissors...and a seam ripper (very important for taking out messed up work). Other than that, there's a lot I still need... Step #3, fabric. So far I've been sewing on old rags. A friend of B's parents gave me some tips on buying fabric (apparently there are huge import taxes on fabric coming up from the States?). Step #4, a pattern. I want to make a vibrantly bright quilt with lots of small squares. It''s ok if it takes a long time and is very repetitive. That's what I need in order to learn: repetition. I've got some quilting pattern books to look through, so I'll start there. Once I've got pattern, I was thinking of going down to the quilting shop down the street and saying: "I want to make this. Can you help me get all the stuff I need?" I think it'll be quite expensive, but I need to start somewhere.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you. I want you to know, you have a better machine than I do. Love the IDT and bet there are lots more for you to discover. Do go take the free lessons the dealer offers. Happy Birthday. Grandma Marci

Kirstin said...

Thanks Grandma Marci! I will definitely be taking those lessons at the store. Lots to learn--like how to operate twin needles? I'm going to buy some fabric this weekend I think.


Middle Earth Garden said...

Ooh, digital! Very cool. Maybe you can eventually teach us how to use our sewing machine as we'd like to learn.