Wednesday, August 12, 2009

To Do: Ride A Fire Truck

Riding in a fire truck has always been one entry on my bucket list. Fortunate for me, my brother is a member of the local volunteer fire department and could therefore help me attain this goal. While we didn't get to ride in the truck itself, per se, we did get to experience the capabilities of the tower truck. We had to wear helmets (in case the sky fell) and harnesses. I put the face guard down, just to get the full experience. The helmet was both heavy and hot but I'm guessing those aren't major concerns to a fire fighter when he's in a burning building.
My sister-in-law took B's camera and got some shots for us (thanks M!) while we went up.
Luckily, I'm not at all afraid of heights. I like them, actually. I especially like the urge I get to test out my flying abilities when I get up high. I'm pretty sure I'd be good at flying. I am in my dreams, anyway. But, I was harnessed in here.
Our hometown looks so peaceful from way up there. Little houses, lots of trees and flowers, the sound of traffic on the highway muted.
After we came back down, my brother took his wife M and my other brother T up for a spin.
J&M: we're pretty big fans of them.
My fearless firefighter brother.
My easy-going lifeguard/plumber brother.
It was a great field trip, fulfilling one of my life-time goals and inspiring B. Now he wants to join the fire department too.

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