Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Travelling the Trans-Canada/Christmas In July

Last weekend we drove out to Kamloops-area for a family gathering. It was a really great weekend, both the trip out and the time spent there. Whenever we made the Alberta-to-BC trip when I was a child (which we did many times as we have lots of family there), I always wanted to stop along the way to see things. But, time was of very limited quantities then, and the point was to get there and see the family, not stop along the way. This time, we managed to include both.
Vern and the Summit Marker: We stopped at the summit of Roger's Pass. There's quite a neat exhibit there.
Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk Home to many different species of birds. The whole walk was a couple of kilometres and a nice way to stretch our legs. We went searching for a bakery in Revelstoke to stop for lunch, and we FOUND one. Custom-made sandwiches and fresh-baked bread. We'll be stopping at the Chalet Bakery again!
At last, Monte Lake/Country Garden Greenhouse
I have so many magical memories of this place as a child and it didn't fail to delight this time either.
Singing around the "campfire" (it was actually a propane fire that offered a good substitute in the event of a fire ban).Kamloops Farmers' Market Plenty of fruit, vegetables and...PASTRIES...to be had.The Smorgasbord The deli, greenhouse and fair-trade goods outlet owned by my aunt and uncle.
Christmas in July, complete with Santa...with a red nose? He must have been rubbing noses with Rudolph (?). Possibly also known under the alias "Uncle Jorgen."
A pinata for the kids.
The three girl cousins, daughters of three sisters.
The trip home could not be complete without a stop at the D Dutchmen Dairy. It's just tradition.
Craigellachie, site of the the last spike. It was thirty-five degrees out and there wasn't much to see, unfortunately.
Giant Cedars Boardwalk Another opportunity to stretch our legs and our final major stop on the way home.


Suzanne said...

The Dutchmen Dairy is our favorite place to stop when driving through Sicamous. Yummy ice cream! Our girls (oh yeah and boy) haven't experienced it yet ... must take them there some day soon.

Anonymous said...

We used to stop at the Golden Hot springs when we made that trip. Last year we did it again with my kids. Funny how life comes full circle.