Monday, December 12, 2005

A better week!

Corner Gas Christmas special was tonight. We watched it (of course!). I wrote two exams today, one at eight in the morning and the other from three thirty until five other words, I got on the bus in the dark and got off the bus in the dark. Not my favorite thing to do at all. However, two more exams are done!!! I only have one left, next Monday...Philosophy (blech). My mum wrote her final Real Estate Broker exam today yayyyyy Mummy!! I'm very proud of her! In between exams I went to the bookstore and bought four textbooks I'm going to need for next semester so I can get ahead on reading. I paid 150 dollars for four very small texbooks. Nuts, I say, nuts. The race yesterday was AWESOME!! I had a really good time running with Rachel and it was really good to see both Rachel and Trevor. It was Trevor's birthday but I won't give away his age... :) We finished 10Km in roughly an hour and a minute. I think we both did better than we expected to--or at least I did. It was a beautiful day for running, sunny but not too warm. On our way back from the race we stopped at Eddie Bauer to find a present for Trevor's dad, and at MEC so Trev could find exercise pants. Brent and I brainstormed Christmas presents for each other whilst we were there. I already have Brent's present and managed to get it without him having a clue what it is.... So that's the news thus far this week. I'm going to spend tomorrow doing some very much needed housecleaning and start reading for next semester. Sometime within the week I need to study for Philosophy (gag) but I can't put it off. Later, gator! Female 1/2

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