Thursday, December 22, 2005


Mmm...just woke up from a nap. I have been reading all day, reading Villette by Charlotte Bronte. Villette was Bronte's last and apparently most autobiographical novel and a truly exquisite one at that. It is hauntingly lonely and leaves the reader wondering at the end if protagonist Lucy Snowe will be reunited with her love Monsieur Paul, from whom she has been parted for three years, or if he died in the seven day long shrieking banshee of a storm. Sigh...lovely novel...and now I have to rewrite the ending of it for an English project. I'm wondering if I'm still too close to Lucy's heart and soul to look objectively at her and decide her final fate. The picture to the right is of Charlotte Bronte herself, by the way. We left home for Lacombe on Tuesday and are very much enjoying our time at Brent's parents' house. Yesterday, I went into Red Deer and visited with an RDC friend of mine. She's also in her fourth year of her degree (just in English, whereas I am a double major with history) and is applying for grad school at U of A. It was really fun catching up with her and hearing about good old RDC and everyone there. She's getting married this coming summer to a friend of mine from high school (small world!) by which time Brent and I will have been married for over a year! Tonight we are going out to Camp Silversides to do prep work and tomorrow we, along with Brent's parents, are cooking for a rental there. Both Brent and I spent many hours there as campers and also as counsellors. We're glad for the opportunity to go back and help out again. Also tomorrow morning I am going to Red Deer early in the morning to go running with Rachel. She and her husband are driving out to Swiftcurrent for Christmas and I wanted to catch her before they go. There's so many people we'd like to see while we're around and so little time. Also, Beth, a friend of mine from church here in Lacombe, has asked me to sing Christmas Eve and I most readily agreed. I have not sung lately--well, since before we got married, actually, and am most looking forward to it. That's where I'm at for now! Female 1/2

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