Friday, December 16, 2005

Here's us last Christmas at my parents' house. We're really looking forward to Christmas again this year! Yesterday we bought all but one of the remaining presents to be bought and last night we got them all wrapped (that's quite a feat considering how much I dislike wrapping!). Now we just need to figure out how we're going to label everything--right now we just have sticky notes so which one is for whom. Hopefully the sticky notes don't fall off! We're cooking with Brent's parents at Camp Silversides on the 23, and for sure one day before Christmas we're going to spend time making a bunch of different types of cookies with Brent's mum. Things at my parents' house is always fun at Christmas time too. This'll be the first year in a while that my Godparents and their kids won't be around, but we kids are old enough(and mature enough?!?) now that I think we'll be able to really enjoy our time just as a family. Lots do to in the next two weeks and lots of people to visit too. I'm really looking forward to connecting with some of my Red Deer College friends that I haven't seen in while, including my favorite history prof and mentor, Dr. James Martens. Should be a very rewarding but full two weeks! Female 1/2 Posted by Picasa

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