Thursday, December 08, 2005

On a more positive note...

Things aren't particularly better, persay--Brent's running a low-grade fever and I'm on antibiotics. warmed up today to just above freezing and the sun was shining!! I went running after my Russian History exam today. I enjoy late afternoon runs because of the smells. When I run up the streets I can smell people's suppers being cooked, laundry being done, all kinds of different smells. It's quite enjoyable, actually. Totally different then morning runs. Morning runs are fun because everyone on the paths is friendly and says "Good Morning" when you pass them. Lots of runners out in the morning, more old people in the afternoons. I was just glad to be out and active again...especially since I hadn't run in two weeks and I'm running a ten kilometre race for Muscular Dystrophy with Rachel on Sunday. Oye! We're officially out of honey and Brent slept for most of the day (on the day when he's supposed to be in class from eight until six) and I'm not feeling much better, so please keep praying! Female 1/2

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