Saturday, October 25, 2008

And onward we go...

Yesterday morning we left A&J's at nine thirty, catching the bus to Randers. There, K met us and we drove back towards Viborg. K stayed for four months ten years ago and I have a lot of good memories of his time with us. It was really good to see him again and see how he has built his life in the past decade. We met K's wife M and their baby K and spent the day with them, seeing some of the sights of Viborg. We went to the Monsted Kalkgruber (chalk caves). They were huge and dark and white and humid and impressive.
(The Cave Cheese, where it ages in the 98% humidity and constant 8 degrees Celcius.)
Then we made a quick entry into the church in Viborg, where K&M were married and where their daughter was baptised. It was a very beautiful, but we came when they were just tuning the organ and there were definitely some sour notes to be fixed! We also walked down the streets in town a bit. Back at their house, we ate chocolate and talked and looked at their new house plans. Then we went out for supper; then back to K's parents' house, where we had coffee and visited with K&M&K and K's grandfather, who we met in Canada at my Bedstemor's 95th birthday. It was a wonderful day spent with Viborg family. I'm so glad we got a chance to visit them here. (But somehow we did not manage to get a photograph of just K&M&K??).


Mor said...

So why does the baker not make bread? I can't quite make out all the words on the sign.

Looks like Kim's folks have the traditional teak furniture. Such a hyggelig setting.

Kirstin said...

The sign was in old Danish. Something like "The baker is unfortunately dead, so now he does not bake any bread." (Wow it rhymes in English too!)