Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fra Aalborg

We've finally have a reliable source of internet. K's mom's cousin's son's girlfriend has loaned us a nifty little USB device, like a wireless modem, to use while we are here (ever heard of such a thing E?). It means we can have Internet reliably again, so we can blog more :) Briefly, we spent some more time with J and C the last couple days we were still in Copenhagen. The picture above is of Vallø Slot down near Copenhagen. It used to be a boarding house of sorts for rich nobles' unmarried daughters, but now is rented out as apartments for anyone who can afford it. Wouldn't that be neat to tell people you live in a castle! After that C and J took us to see the ocean and we have a lovely picnic down on the rocks near some white cliffs. There was an old church near the cliffs edge that has slowly been falling off the edge, so the congregation has moved to a new church several hundred metres away, but leaving the old church. Pity that a medieval church is falling away, but thus is the way by the ocean. That night was Kulturnatten (Culture Night) in Copenhagen, so we went down to see the happenings. Many musicians were playing, most public buildings were completely open for people to see, and there were lots of people roaming downtown seeing what there was to see. The highlight was going into Tivoli gardens to see the light displays, and taking in a few rides.
Next we started our journey with the family up to north Jutland, but first makings stops at Kolding Hus, and staying a night in Ebeltoft. Kolding Hus is an old castle which had fallen to great ruins, but in recent times a fund has built a museum surrounding the ruins, and have restored much of the fallen walls and roofs to their original state, with modern materials of course. Ebeltoft is located on the ocean, and our room at the hotel had a good view of the water. The hotel restaurant was host to a number of parties the night we arrived, and as such there was a two man band playing "old" style music, much to the chagrin of C and J's oldest son :) The next morning after brunch we walked through the older part of town, and took a tour of the Ship Museum and Glass Museum down near the waters edge. The picture above is from the Glass Museum. One exhibit was a real time glass blower, who sold his work right there. Other exhibits included a study of light through glass, a set of pieces inspired by icebergs and glaciers, and lastly a set of pieces by glass blowers. Afterward we drove up to Kasteberg to where we are staying now. We were sad to see C and J and the family leave, but knew they had a great holiday to go away to. They were headed down through Germany to the southern part of France while the boys had holidays from school. They invited us down sometime, and we may just take them up on the offer :) Much more has happened, but that will have to wait for another blog soon. By B.

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