Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just a few things

Hey all Just thought I would send out a quick update. I "finished" at the archives yesterday--or rather, the archive couldn't find anymore of the files I wanted to see... After I ran out of files, we did a little shopping in Aalborg. We've discovered that the Danes are very very good at making fine, kitchenware, dinnerware, candlesticks, plant pots, just pretty small things for homes in general. So we have found a TON of things that we'd love to bring home...but of course we are limited in space and in budget! Also, as we all know, Danish licorice is tasty! (Even Brent thinks so!). The picture above is from Gammel Skagen (pronounced Ska'en). It's the northern most town in Denmark, close to where the two oceans meet (we went there too, pictures to come). Skagen is very beautiful, and here you can see the waves from the Atlantic Ocean crashing into the rocks. It was a very windy day. So today we did some sightseeing with A&J; spent some real quality time with them; worked on our Danish lots and lots. Tomorrow will be similar, and then tomorrow night we have a whole family dinner here before we leave Friday morning for Viborg. Also today, I gave a lecture in R's Grade six class on Me/Canadian history/Danish immigrant history. It went something like this: Canada=big & cold; not many people. English and French fight, East and West fight. Alberta=Rocky Mountains, Prairie, farming. Calgary=big city, 1988 Olympics. History: So, there was fur, fish and timber. Furtrading. English and French fight. Indians (they don't understand "First Nations) lost. Need people to keep the Americans out (which means Alberta is the key to Canadian identity...without us, Canada would be America). CPR: keeps Americans out, connects BC to East. and brings in the all-important Danes. In other words, the CPR was built so that Danish immigrants could come to Alberta. My grandfather was a Dane, came in 1951. Bought a farm in Alberta. My mother was born in Ponoka (not at the Ponoka hospital you blog readers are thinking of...) In conclusion, Canada was created, the CPR was formed, and Alberta exists, all so that Danes, like my grandfather, could come to Alberta (the best province in Canada). That's right, right? wasn't quite like that, I'm being a bit facetious. But I wrote it pretty late into the night, so there might have been some...errors... R can correct my faulty history in future classes. ;)


Eric said...

But what about LegoLand??? I thought the CPR was built so that Albertan's could make tiny models of it, using nothing more than Lego, originally shipped by train?

The Olson's said...

Alberta ROCKS!!!