Tuesday, October 07, 2008

We have arrived and all is well

Hi all you lovely blog readers! Just thought I would send you a message letter-style to tell you that we are here! Brent's already taken lots of pictures that we want to share, but we have to wait until we can hook up our own internet, which will hopefully be tomorrow. But a few picture-less comments: - Seattle was...misty and rainy. The airport is quite pretty and has a TRAIN to get from different sattlelite terminals, of which the SAS departure gate was one of. We had four hours to kill there, so we took the train quite a bit. I was hoping to blog there, but internet was only free for AT&T customers (grrrr). The airport is quite pretty though, with a HUGE curtain wall facing the main run way with chairs and benches and rocking chairs and a food court so you can take advantage of the sight. - I HIGHLY recommend Scandinavian Airlines. We had a relatively large amount of legroom, the service was really good, the food was quite good, and, my favourite part (which you won't really understand unless you've been on a long-haul flight before) we got hot wet washclothes in the "morning" (our morning, Danish afternoon) to wash our faces and whatnot after the stale cramped and sleepy night flight. It felt wonderful. And did I mention the airplane food was rather a notch above airplane food? - Auntie Karen is in Denmark! She met us at the airport with Cat and the boys. I haven't seen her since Bedstemor's funeral, and even then only briefly. - The family met us at the gate waving Danish flags....and at the house with a Canadian flag hanging from the porch. We feel very very welcome. - Brent and I went for a short walk this evening and in the course of the walk were asked by some guys to help them push-start their VW commercial van. Apparently we look friendly/harmless?? - Cat and Jan live in the most beautiful house, with crown mouldings around the ceiling, a windy staircase, many many bookshelves and beautiful old paintings. But I don't think they have a stork living in their chimney. Kjartan gave up his room for us while we stay here. - The Danish keyboard is very interesting because I can do this ææææææ øøøøøø åååååå. Just thought you should know that. Sure would come handy for when I am typing in Danish! Well all, the floor is tilting and I feel like I am on a rocky ship sitting in my seat in Jan's office, which means K + 8 hours time difference = almost too much I'm off. G'night to you Canadians, hope your October 7 will be as interesting as ours was!


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David said...

You guys sound like you're having such a great time - meeting people, riding rides, checking out glass blowings, seeing lots of beautiful churches and architecture....And you have got some beautiful photos to show for it too Brent! We miss you guys and can't wait to hear more about your trip when you get back.
Kelly, Dave, and boyz