Saturday, October 25, 2008

My shoes

There's a song my mum sings sometimes "I like my pants, I like my pants, my pants are so comfortably much like me" (or something like that).
Well I like my shoes. I'm glad I've seen Denmark in them. They are Clarks, an English brand of shoes, and they are very comfortable for walking, as well as being just the kind of style that I like. And I can wear them with jeans, or with a skirt to dress up.
I also like my boots. I bought these boots before we went to England, and they have served me very well, being wide enough for my wide-for-a-woman feet (they're actually men's boots), being waterproof, and very comfortable. They're Scarpas, made in Italy. And they've seen a lot of Denmark now as well as a lot of England!

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