Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 In Review

A list of thoughts regarding the year that was: - New Year's trip to Ontario; hanging out with cousins. - Josh Ritter concert that rocked our socks off. - Discovery of the heart murmur: three months of worry and lost sleep. - Finished year one of grad school. - E&B's house purchase and move. - England. Sigh. James Herriot country; Wordsworth's muse; a land of history, of wellington boots and border collies, of stone fences and sheep pastures, of majestic old castles. A most beautiful place in the world. - A wonderful summer of running, gardening, geocaching, walking, farmers' marketing and discovering free things to do in went so fast! - Our 24th birthdays. - My parents' 25th wedding anniversary. - R&T's sweet William's birth. - Calgary Folk Music Festival with J&M. Highlight: Martyn Joseph. - Danish family visit and go hiking with us. - My dad's new combine and its inauguration (get it?? that's punny). - Road trip to Montana with J&M. - Our second international trip of the year, Denmark. The architecture, interior design, household design. And most of all, the family relationships we gained there. (Oh yes, and my research too.) - The federal election in Canada and the fall-out afterwards. - Taking up knitting seriously. Involving mittens, scarves. And sock. - A whole jumble of books read; songs listened to and listened to again; poems considered; movies watched. - K&K's engagement. - Friendships built; relationships grown; loving and being loved.
Perry at Coffee and S'Cream instructed us that no matter how good 2008 was, 2009 should be better. So we shall endeavour to fulfill this advice. Who knows what the year will bring? A post on hopes and dreams and goals to come in the new year. Happy New Year's Eve everyone!

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Carolyn Williams said...

I love Josh Ritter! We have seen him a couple times and he is just wonderful, isn't he?

You had a great year! Now I'm going to go copy your year end list on my blog! :)