Friday, December 05, 2008

The best of today

Today can't help but be another great day. We've got a date tonight with friends to play Settlers of Catan; I'm on my second cup of coffee and eggnog...the first was just too good, so Brent made a second pot of coffee; I am in love with poetry and have so much to share; Last night, I started knitting a pair of baby mittens last night, in a colour I would like to call cranberry, and am using my new bamboo #7 needles, which work as smooth as...bananas and peanut butter; I am tracking down a book for my mum and the Ambrose University Library is scanning and emailing me the part of the chapter I need. Hurray for un-earned kindness! I feel lately like Brent and I are pretty much the perfect match for each other; and, finally, Radio 2 is playing all the best Canadian songs this morning (see here for a Radio 2 blogpost about it), and it warms the cockles of my heart (especially Stan Rogers' 45 Years--posted here). Have a great day, readers!

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