Friday, December 05, 2008

45 Years

Today's song, played on CBC Radio 2 Morning. Probably one of the best love songs out there.
45 Years by Stan Rogers Where the earth shows its bones of wind-broken stone And the sea and the sky are one I'm caught out of time, my blood sings with wine And I'm running naked in the sun There's God in the trees, I'm weak in the knees And the sky is a painful blue I'd like to look around, but Honey, all I see is you. The summer city lights will soften the night Til you'd think that the air is clear And I'm sitting with friends, where forty-five cents Will buy another glass of beer He's got something to say, but I'm so far away That I don't know who I'm talking to Cause you just walked in the door, and Honey, all I see is you (CHORUS) And I just want to hold you closer than I've ever held anyone before You say you've been twice a wife and you're through with life Ah, but Honey, what the hell's it for? After twenty-three years you'd think I could find A way to let you know somehow That I want to see your smiling face forty-five years from now. So alone in the lights on stage every night I've been reaching out to find a friend Who knows all the words, sings so she's heard And knows how all the stories end Maybe after the show she'll ask me to go Home with her for a drink or two Now her smile lights her eyes, but Honey, all I see is you

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