Friday, December 26, 2008

Heart Baskets

Every Christmas my mum has brought out the heart baskets she'd had for many years, so that we could put them on the tree and put candy in them. When we were in Denmark, we were given some of the special paper you need in order to make "proper" Danish heart baskets, and Brent drew us a design on Auto-cad so that we could print the design right on the paper and cut them out. Here is where we got some of our design ideas. They require some patience to make, as we discovered when we attempted to fashion some of the fancier designs, and as my brothers discovered when they helped to weave the little fragile paper strips. But the end product is beautiful, and the baskets are a traditional Danish Christmas ornament that I will continue to use through all my tree-decorating life.

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Peter and Lorraine said...

Beautiful. Love the variations in the link! Mom