Monday, February 02, 2009

Hello February!

Funny news that makes me choke up. Parts of England got 25 cm of snow last night. As soon as we heard that, we rushed to find a live webcam in London to check it out. Above is a picture of Hyde Park. They're not used to getting snow in England...I know that because we asked when we there. Remember in my last post how I get strangely homesick for England? Definitely feeling homesick right now... (Here's another article about all the snow). Happy Groundhog Day! I read a remark today that you can't help but love February because it's just so short and sweet. It IS short and sweet. As a kid I used to love February because not only was there the Family Day holiday, but there was also two "Professional Development" Days for our teachers so we had THREE days off somewhere in February. February was also the best skating/tobogganing month when we were young. What February brings for us: - Moving upstairs at the end of the month. Three bedrooms; BIG WINDOWS; a bigger kitchen; Brent won't bump his head anymore; I'll be able to keep plants alive; a purple front door. - Valentine's Day! We've got GREAT plans in mind. ;) - J's 21st birthday. What should we get him? - Handing in Chapter #1 of my thesis for first advisor editing. Yikes. - Cinnamon hearts. Mmm. - A week of research at the Glenbow. - More running in prep for our half-marathon in June. - Church youth group meeting and event. We're really excited about helping out with youth. - All kinds of other unexpected daily "sparklings of joy." All right February, be short but be sweet too. I'm excited to see what you bring.

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