Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Valentines Day involved two separate projects for us this year.
I've been reading 1 John lately, and he talks an awful lot about love. So this year I wanted to make Valentine's Day not a selfish thing, where as a young single person I used to mope when I didn't get to do anything and where now, there are certain expectations of what spouses will do for each other. Rather, I wanted to SHARE love. So we made peppermint-topped double chocolate cookies and gave them to our next door neighbours and to some friends. We just dropped over and delivered them and smiled and wished them a lovely day. It felt really good and I hope it was a blessing. Because that was the point. Secondly, we also did a couple-ish thing. We went on a date to a place that was on my list of places to go before I die. The Olympic Oval.
AKA The fastest ice in the world.
Because it was the family day weekend, it was pretty busy. Lots of kids and teens out skating for the first time, on wobbly ankles, using a prop to hold them up.
But the trick is, that we had SPEED SKATES. So we could go SUPERFAST. And we did.
It took Brent a little longer to get used to them than me, because speed skates are a lot closer to figure skates than they are to hockey skates. We were amazed how fast we could glide around the track. Maybe even give Catriona Lemay Doan a run for her money?? Speed skating on the oval was everything it was cracked up to be.
And then we went for coffee.

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Peter and Lorraine said...

What an awesome thing to do for the neighbors!